Class videos, Spring 2016

Students in the spring 2016 session of Emerging Technologies in Journalism were among the first to attempt real journalism projects with the months-old 360˚ Virtual Reality technology. Using Ricoh Theta cameras, the tested the storytelling limits and benefits of being “inside” the action.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.48.32 AM

Watch their videos at their YouTube Playlist or by clicking on a link below

Second Chance in VR: A New Lease on Life for Pets

By Jon Doty

Missouri Baking Co.: Traditional treats in virtual reality

by Jason Boatright, Emma Gambaro, George Schramm and Jessica Sherwin

By Chris Mathews and Thomas Kackley

High School Baseball, Hickman Kewpie Style

By Mathew Patston

Mizzou Ultimate Frisbee Team — Aerial Athletes

By Jordan McGee, Sasha Sander and Amanda Henderson