3D / VR Resource Articles

Here is a selection of news and academic articles about 3-D imaging issues that could impact journalism.

Why virtual reality could be the future of viewing photographs

Photos are coming to life in new ways, thanks to advances in virtual reality enabling more immersive viewing experiences. Instead of just viewing an image, you immerse yourself in the image. From the Washington Post.

The Economist explains Virtual Reality

If Facebook, Sony and HTC have their way, next year’s most coveted consumer technology product will not be a smartphone or a giant, paper-thin flatscreen TV. It will be a virtual-reality (VR) headset

3 signs Apple has entered the Twilight Zone of virtual reality

Fortune asks “Does Apple, with its links to Hollywood, see opportunities that nerdier companies might have missed?”

Top ten recommendations from world-renowned 3D stereographers

A collection of tips from the masters

Dimensional spelling: 3-D, 3D or 3d?

A study shows that authors are dropping the hyphen to refer to the third dimension.

How Do You Review 3D, Anyway?

An older but very insightful look at the criteria for calling 3-D video productions “good.”

“Cold fusion, perpetual motion and glasses-free 3D: One of these actually works now. ”

Cheap Holograms Could Give Rise to Glasses-Free 3D TVs

$2 crystals and “waveguides” may bring holograms to the livingroom

Hands On With Samsung’s 110-inch 8K Glasses-Free 3D TV

A good review of dramatic new technology, but msses the certainty of improvement by iiteration


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