About MU3D

MU3D is a cooperative research project to explore the practical potential of 3-D imaging in journalism and in science communication. The two-year project is funded by the Mizzou Advantage program at the University of Missouri. It brings together researchers and practitioners from the Missouri School of Journalism, the MU Department of Architectural Studies, the MU Department of Computer Science, the MU College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, and Newsy – the groundbreaking multimedia service.

The MU3D team includes:

Primary investigators:

Bimal Balakrishnan, MU Department of Architectural Studies

Clyde Bentley, Missouri School of Journalism

Affiliated researchers:

Reuben Stern, Missouri School of Journalism, Futures Lab

Bill Allen, MU College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources/Missouri School of Journalism, Science Journalism

Prasad Calyam, MU Department of Computer Science

Nathan Byrne, Newsy

For information about MU3D, contact:

Clyde Bentley
University Missouri School of Journalism


Bimal Balakrishnan
University of Missouri
Department of Architectural Studies 

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