3D Photojournalism Types

Student taking J4462 Emerging Technologies in Journalism at The Missouri School of Journalism worked on how to apply 3D images to common journalism photo assignments. Students were asked to choose one common photo assignment, shoot it using a 3D camera and then write a paper detailing how they went about completing their assignment, the challenges they faced and to compare two images; one taken from an angle and in a way that was effective as a 3D image and one that was not.

Students included a successful 3D photo as well as a failure and described why they chose each. The purpose of this assignment was to discover the challenges involved in using 3D images for journalism as part of developing procedures that news organizations can utilize to produce 3D content.

The student chose to shoot images from one of the following categories.

Mug shot  Tight photo of person

Environmental portrait  A wide portrait of a person that includes storytelling elements in the foreground/background

Emotional photo (2) – A person experiencing some kind of emotion, such as joy, sadness, excitement, etc.

Object – An inanimate object that illustrates a story

Building  Photo of the exterior/interior of a building

Sports Action – Action in the game

Other scenes to be assigned to students:

Spot News – A fire, car accident, natural disaster, etc.

Crowd shot – Numerous people at an event such as a parade, sporting event, etc.

Speaker on the podium – Standard news shot of someone speaking or giving a press conference

Person performing task – Focused on one person in action.



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